Main ServiceMain ServiceSince our business established in year 2000 our Electronic engineers and Mechanical engineers, work together in solving these problems. In the past 12 years most of our services only focus on Trade Personals, and have resolved thousand of cases assisting the car owners indirectly making lot of savings in times and money, where most repair tasks are conducted successfully without replacement of expensive parts.

我們的電子工程技師和機械修理技師互相合作, 於2000年開業, 在過往12年, 維修服務對象主要是面對汽車業的行家生意, 過千項的修理個案, 間接地為車主服務, 為他們節省了大量的時間及金錢.

Therefore we provide “real car repair” not “parts replacement “, and also avoids non necessary part’s replacement, thus achieving environment friendly and cost saving objectives.

因此, 我們可以提供真正的汽車維修技術, 不是只懂更換整套零件, 大部份的修理個案是更換壞了的電子零件和適當的從新編程, 免除更換不必要而昂貴原廠零件, 也為環保和省錢方面作出了平行和貢獻.

From 2103 we expand our service to private owners. We look forward our technic can serve more users and reducing cost with non Necessary parts replacement. We aim to create green environment in Auto car repairing for tomorrow.

從2013年起我們將此項修理服務, 擴展至直接私人車主, 期望我們的技術能為更多車主提供服務, 減少更換不必要而昂貴的原廠零件, 綠色環保作出了更多貢獻.