Audi 奧迪

Audi 奧迪 Auto Q7 死電脳 ECU faulty

after repair chip set and reprogramming . back to order 

Audi 奧迪Auto A4 S4 dashboard immobiliser repair and New Spare Remote control Key generated

奧迪A4 S4 儀表板防盜系統修理及配新的備用遙控鑰匙

Hong Kong agency quoted price 1/2 repaired and provide one year of Service guarantee

官方代理2分之1的価銭給客戸修理了 及提供一年保養

Audi A4 TT Ignition fault repair / Audi Q7 Electrical leakage problem repair
奧迪 A4 TT 電子點火修理 / 奧迪 Q7 漏電檢測原因及修理