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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival



News 最新消息 News 最新消息 News 最新消息 News 最新消息 News 最新消息

New office new garage ! Better working environment ! 

近期中港牌的S系Benz 行車電䐉壞的車回港修理的很多病徵是熱車後死火再不能從新打火O
2、Sensor fault 水箱電風扇長開 Engine 燈長着的状况時, 9成机会行車電䐉壊本公司専科修理

Chinese new year Holiday from 29/1/2014  to 5/2/2014
" Kung Hei Fat Choy "
農曆新年假期 由 29/1/2014  至 5/2/2014
祝各位 馬年 "  節節上進 出入平安 " 

C63 ECU rescued during tuning upgarde power in Oversea .
all Data lost . we rebulit  the ECU in ex-factory condition .

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 

New purchased 

Equipment for reset service and new model car‘s Key programmer machine 。 For most European car model up to 2012 Year model.


Merceds W204 series C class steering lock release service .not need Factory orange key .
W204 .C系列 . 轉向盤解服務 . 不需要橙色鑰匙 .
緊急服務 !  express service !

22/7/2013  Car ECU replacement   行電悩更換  

The Mercedes Benz Engine Computer (ECU) Occasionally fault during Hong Kong

Humility and bad climate . Symptom as below:

1) Air con cooling fan non stop

2) Engine fault lamp flashing, show CO2 sensor fault ,

3) After switch-off ignition cannot re-start engine until 10 to 15 minute cool down

4) Engine over heat condition such as traffic in hot weather or

  High way. ECU will sudden dis-order.


We provided new ECU replacement and programming with One year Guarantee.

ME9.7 ECU conform Benz Model as below:

2005~ C280

2005~W204 V6 Engine Model

2005~W221 S350 S500

2005~W211 E280 E350

2005~W164 ML350 ML500







4)發動機過熱狀態下如在炎熱的天氣或交通塞車 高速路上。 ECU會突然死火

我們提供了新的ECU更換和編程。  及一年保證

ME9.7 適用的車型

2005~ C280

2005~W204 V6 Engine Model

2005~W221 S350 S500

2005~W211 E280 E350

2005~W164 ML350 ML500



Successfully un-lock W204 Steerling Lock



Just purchase two set of NECs full On line emulator for all NEC IC Controller such as Power
steering Lock release .
and Automatic Gear box repair .More repairing solution for BMW and Benz will coming soon

剛剛購買了兩台NEC仿真器 専門修理所有用NEC-IC的配件。自動波箱。電動轉向鍵鎖維修等等.将来対 Benz及BMW修理方面大有幫助





Benz C class and B class ESL (Electrical Steering Lock) Problem sorted.

平治 C 款及 C 款電子軑鎖故障修理完成.


Benz ME9.7 ECU Refurbish availability all V6 and V8 Engine up to 2012 year replace and pre-programming service.

平治 ME9.7 型行車總電腦, 適合大部份 V6 及 V8 缸發動機, 適應 2005 至 2012 年款, 更換及予編程序等服務.


From 2103 we are open our service to private owner. Look forward our technic can serve more user and reducing more non Necessary parts replacement. Create green environment in Auto car repairing for tomorrow.

從 2013 年起我們將此項修理服務, 擴展至直接私人車主, 期望我們的技術能為更多車主提供服務, 减少更換不必要的昂貴原廠零件為綠色環保作出了更多貢獻.