Technology 維修

汽 車 科 技

Today’s Automobile design and build comprise high technology and ccomplexity. With the combination of mechanical and electrical systems, and applying microchips controller for regulatory the entire function of the car such Engine Gearbox “ABS”; Air bog; Co2 sensor; ASR; Air Conditioning; Key Control; Ignition; Brake; Immobilizer and Peripheral Gadget etc.

今天的汽車生產技術, 存在於高科技和複雜的同時, 都互相融合在一體, 都是用微電子操控其動作功能, 如: ABS. Air Bag. Co2 sensor, 空調, 電子鑰匙, 電子點火糸統, 迫力操控, 防盜, 及其他大量的周邊配件.

Therefore today’s car repairing technical knowhow is much different from general electrical acquaintance, and requires high technology Micro Electronic Controlling knowledge.

故此現代的汽車修理技術要求, 由傳統的電汽修理技術知識轉為高科技的微電子操控技術.

Keep updating and pruchase new European tooling and programmer for up to date technology

Engine Control computer repairing service. Using high preciseness instrument
To replacing MCU and Initialization condition.

行車電腦維修服務 用最精密的儀器和技術更換微控制IC,